Meet The Inspiration is a series of interviews I did back in the day. I'm still very thankful for the time each of them gave my questions. True legends in the Concept Art and VFX world. Unfortunately I had no time to continue the series.

MEET THE INSPIRATION - Dylan Cole - German/English

MEET THE INSPIRATION - Gary Tonge - German/English

MEET THE INSPIRATION - Syd Mead - German/English

MEET THE INSPIRATION - Henning Ludvigsen & Natasha Röösli - English

Purely for nostalgia reasons I decided to put up this documentation of my 2005 released piece "Artificial". I can still remember the pain I did go through getting this picture done. Computers were by far not as powerful as today and it was a struggle with the computational resources I had back then. I still managed to finish it and I'm also still proud of the result. I learned a lot about myself and of course about techniques to get you from a vision to a finished piece of art.

The Artificial Production Documentation