Univers Imaginaires Book Release

News / 07 March 2023

I actually wanted to post this much sooner but... life. Last year I got contacted by Citadelles & Mazenod. They asked if I would like to contribute to a book that covers all the great literature of fantasy and science fiction. Talking about the authors and their influence on all kinds of media. This is at least what I think... the book is in french. I can't read french, unfortunately. This book is so comprehensive and full of illustrations that fit the overall theme so well. May it be traditionally or digitally created. Therefor it's quite a big and heavy book. Also limited to 2000 prints. Let's just say to have two of my pieces in a book like that with all the greats... is humbling and makes me proud. Thanks to everyone involved who made this ego boost possible. So very much appreciated!

It's Alive!

General / 24 February 2023

Over the past 3 days I did some extra polish to the site. Now I think it's ready to go. Along with it I want to celebrate the new site with a new artwork that will follow soon. Overall the website is completely focused on my digital art.  Creating the site was fun and challenging. Not much CSS knowledge and all that. Now it's time. For some reason I'm a tiny bit excited. Let's go!

Not A Test Anymore

General / 20 February 2023

So far so good. Did some more adjustments and managed to kill some design issues that were really bugging me. It won't take long anymore and I can release this new website into the wild. Had to dig through CSS (which I'm not super familiar with) and managed to get the CSS work to my liking. A tiny bit proud of that! 

So this is a test #4

General / 09 February 2023

I'm closing in on completion of the modifications. Also added my MEET THE INSPIRATION interview series in the MISC section of the site. There still are some design inconsistencies on the site that I'm trying to fix. However... the site is already in a stage that tempts me to release it. It won't take too long now.

So this is a test #3

General / 06 February 2023

Alrighty. A lot of optimization went into the CSS over the past couple of days. I cannot say I fully understand how CSS works but I'm fairly happy how it does so far. Not much left to do before the site can finally be released into the wild west of the internet. I'm a little excited too. It'll make things a lot easier I hope.

So this is a test #2

General / 29 January 2023

After taking some time to adjust the site with help of custom CSS I'm fairly happy with how it turned out so far. The plan is to replace my more than a decade old site with something more easier to handle. I lay all my trust into the capable hands of Artstation in that case. Not sure when the replacement will happen but some time soon.

So this is a test...

General / 20 January 2023

...one two three. Trying out this nifty website builder coming with the subscription.